Sean O’Leary


ABOUT THE SELECTED IMAGE: My photos were taken over two very long walks around the island during spring break. I kept my eyes open for scenes that fit the theme and my perspective of Galveston. When I walked up to the skate park and looked in, I saw the skater pictured perform this same trick, skating up and through this huge concrete sphere. I recognized him as one of my students. He cautiously agreed to try it for a photo. Excitedly, I jumped in the pit, not realizing that there were five other skaters in line in front of him for their runs. They chased me out. After a wait, he nailed the trick and I point and clicked. He asked if I got the shot. I said “I hope,” and continued my trek. I chose this photo because it fits the theme, and I like its depth. The blurry image of the skater represent to me the fleeting moments of some great memories. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey and the intimate exchanges between myself and the images in my viewfinder. The photos depict a fraction of a moment they represent, but could never replace the beauty of my Galveston home.

Sean O'Leary

I am a 6th grade Reading and Social Studies teacher at Coastal Village Middle School here in Galveston. I have been an IBC’er for nearly 7 years. My experiences here, along with the friendships I have made, have sparked a love for the island and its people. With this has come a passion for improved education in this community and the nation at large.

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