Jeff Modzelewski


Jeff Modzelewski

I was born (in 1956) and raised in Westchester County, New York State; I moved to Texas in 1981. Kathy, my wife, is a native of Houston, and for years we resided there and in adjacent suburbia. But at some point we began to dream of living one day in Galveston, and in the autumn of 1994 we made the move and became IBCs – “islanders by choice.” For the last eighteen years we have lived in a downtown condominium in the historic Kress Building.

In the ‘70s, fresh out of high school, my idea of becoming a professor of Spanish resulted in a BA and MA in that Romance language (and, as a by-product, two wonderful years of study in Spain at the end of the Franco era). Subsequent concerns about occupation practicality and earnings potential prompted me to return to school in the ‘80s to earn an MBA and, post-graduation, my CPA credential. For the past twenty-two years I have been employed by the Galveston County Auditor’s Office.

I am an introvert, spiritually inclined, addicted to reading, and a lover of language, history and the popular music of the 1930s-1980s. And although I have always regarded myself as not possessing an artistic bone in my body, I have found enjoyment in picture-taking since the advent of digital photography. (Of course, the Olympus Trip 35 camera used in this project is “old school,” but so, I guess, am I.)

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